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This Survey About Couples Fighting On Vacation Might Help You Prepare To Do Just That

A recent survey from the British rental car company Holiday Autos of 2,000 adults revealed that one out of every 10 couples will break up after going on vacation together. If that sounds a little sensational, that’s because the data was published by The Daily Mail, so it’s not exactly a Harvard study. But with 40 percent of couples reporting that they argue on vacation, their findings may not be totally ridiculous.


Survey Shows How Much You Will Fight With Your Spouse On Vacation

Although entertaining, the way the numbers breakdown should be taken with all the grains of salt. Road trips were the most tumultuous type of vacations, with 32 percent of people saying they argued about bad navigating skills and an additional 15 percent saying backseat driving started it, because they were probably married to each other. The methodology (or lack thereof) did not mention how many people had kids, but 9 percent of respondents blamed kids for causing the fights. It’s about time someone said it.

In an amusing effort to help, Holiday Autos has also started a couple’s counseling hotline, which appears to be real. The number will reportedly be in service until September to accommodate all of your vacation conflict needs, or if you just need to hear the soothing sounds of a British psychologist. And unlike most rental car companies, it’s not for a hidden fee in your service agreement. But unless you’re in the UK, it’s an international call. Fighting is still free.

[H/T] The Daily Mail