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Survey: Most Parents Don’t Know What Screen Time Rules To Follow

The American Academy Of Pediatrics recently released new recommendations regarding your kid’s screen time, and it turns out it’s not so bad. Children over the age of 2 can have their tablet and a normal childhood with friends other than Siri — as long as you both follow a few rules. And according to a new survey from Sprout, these best practices couldn’t come sooner, because way too many parents (possibly you) worry they’re doing it wrong.

In fact, when the preschool television networked asked the 700 families involved their new Sprout Talks Tech survey, 92 percent of moms and dads reported needing more information on how best to manage their children’s relationship to technology. Not surprisingly, 62 percent of parents have argued with their kids about screen time (when they bothered to look up), and 59 percent of parents felt pressure and/or judgment from other parents about their kid’s screen time. Apparently people in smart houses do throw iPads.

Interestingly, the survey revealed parental anxieties about how screen time habits were perceived, but not anxieties about technology itself. Seventy-one percent of moms and dads said technology actually increases their children’s curiosity about the environment around them. Sixty-six percent said it helped exposed them to new cultures. And 62 percent said it enhances their learning and overall development. So, if you feel like you’re being judged because your kid is playing an app while they wait for their apps, a bunch of likeminded parents say let the haters hate.

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