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Almost Half of Parents Worry Their Child is Addicted to a Smart Phone

According to a new survey, 47 percent of parents worry their kid is too connected to smart devices.

Getty Images

A new survey has found that nearly half of all parents are afraid their child is addicted to a mobile device. The survey, which was conducted by Common Sense Media and Survey Monkey, revealed that 47 percent of parents are worried about their kid’s relationship with their phone, while 53 percent said they are not worried.

“For as much attention as technology addiction receives among adults, parents — particularly those with teenagers — are far more concerned about their children’s device usage than their own,” Jon Cohen, chief research officer with SurveyMonkey, said in a released statement.

Additionally, the survey found that almost as many parents are concerned about how mobile devices are affecting their child’s mental health, with approximately one in five saying they’re “extremely” or “very” worried. When it came to placing blame on their kid’s screen addiction, parents overwhelmingly said it was their responsibility, as 89 percent of those surveyed said it’s up to them to curb their children’s smartphone usage.

“Parental concerns about technology addiction and the content children are exposed to on devices is very real, yet parents feel that they alone are responsible for managing these issues,” Common Sense Media CEO James P. Steyer said. “It would be nice if the tech companies would partner with parents in this effort.”

The survey was conducted between January 25-29 and including a sample of 4,201 adults, of which 1,024 were parents with children under age 18.

But while parents are worried about their kids’ screen habits, they seem much less concerned about their own relationships with technology. When asked, only 32 percent of parents said they were addicted to their smartphones. Does this mean that generations being raised with technology are doomed to addiction? Perhaps. Or it could just mean that many parents lack the self-awarness to see their own dependence even as they fear it in their child.