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Supporters Raise $13,000 for Father Charged With Punching Predatory Pastor

After leaping over a courtroom railing to bum rush a convicted pedophile, one dad finds himself in hot water.


Last week, Oregon dad Kevin Smith lept over a courtroom railing and punched Donald Briggs in the face. Briggs was a former youth pastor at a local church and was being sentenced to 15-years in federal prison for videotaping a 14-year-old girl exiting the shower. Smith is the father of two of the victims. 

Smith was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and fourth-degree assault, and while the charges constitute only a class-A misdemeanor, his supporters have established a GoFundMe page to help cover his legal fees. The campaign organizers, who go by the name “team punch a pedo,” sought to raise $5,000 for Smith. As of Sunday, however, donations totaled almost $13,000.

“Kevin Smith is what I would like to call a heroic figure, a true man of justice, an outstanding man,” the page reads. “In all seriousness, Kevin has brought a little piece of justice and helped all these victims feel better.”

None of the actual victims have made any public comment about Smith’s attack on Briggs, but a number of them were in the courtroom at the time of the attack. Briggs has been charged with nine separate counts of child pornography and transportations. He even confessed to specifically taking the 14-year-old girl on the trip to videotape her undressing.  Many of Briggs’ other victims attested to similarly inappropriate behavior from him at several points in the past as well.