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Kid Starts Petition to Move Super Bowl to Saturday, Gets Thousands of Signatures

Going to work after staying up to watch the Super Bowl is a drag. Frank Ruggeri has a solution.

Frank Ruggeri/

Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial national holiday, one that’s better celebrated than many actual holidays—when was the last time you went to a Flag Day party? All 53 Super Bowls have been played on Sunday, and the next five—including Super Bowl LIV between the 49ers and Chiefs next weekend—are slated for Sundays. But a western New York teen wants to break tradition and start a new one: Super Bowl Saturday.

Frank Ruggeri started a petition on to move the big game to Saturday, and he’s already attracted over 33,000 signatures with a practical argument for having the game one day earlier: more people will be able to watch without worrying about getting up early for school and work the next day.

The typo-riddled petition, which isn’t something that’ll earn Frank extra credit in English class, argues that revenue, ticket prices, visitors (?), and TV ratings will increase if people don’t have to go to sleep early. He also points out that the NFL already holds games, including playoff games, on Saturdays.

CNN points out that the Sports Broadcasting Act, passed in 1961, prohibits the broadcasting of NFL games on Fridays and Saturdays, the two days typically reserved for high school and college football, respectively. But by the time the Super Bowl rolls around, these non-professional seasons are over, so the NFL could move the game up if it wanted to.

A survey released ahead of last year’s Super Bowl estimated that 17.2 milion workers said they might miss work on the Monday after the Super Bowl, the largest number in the 15-year history of the “Super Bowl Fever survey.” Presumably, this number would plummet if people could sleep in the day after the game, though we imagine church attendance might take a hit.

It’s very unlikely that the NFL acquiesces to any kind of pressure to move the game. It has said in the past that more people watch on Sunday nights. If it believed that there was more money to be made on Saturdays, it would have moved the game long ago.

So while it might ultimately be a losing effort, Frank still deserves a tip of the hat for getting so many people on board with his cause célèbre.