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‘Summer of ’84’ Trailer Teases Super-Violent ‘Stranger Things’ Vibes

No mythical Sci-fi beats here, just some super down to earth murder.

Youtube Gunpowder & Sky

Since Stranger Things came onto the scene, 1980s pastiche has been in vogue with both audiences and studio heads. Some do it well (GLOW, Cobra Kai, The Goldbergs) and some do it poorly, but just about everyone does it. Now, the filmmakers behind one classic of the nostalgia genre, Turbo Kid, are returning with a big screen homage the 1980s slasher films. Summer of 84 looks, to judge by the trailer, a little less kitschy that Stranger Things and a lot more violent. 

The film follows a group of teenagers who suspect that a local police officer is moonlighting as a serial killer. Naturally, as they start to investigate, their suspicions evolve into theories and naturally — in the general spirit of It and all things Stephen King — no adult will believe them. As they get closer to cracking the case, things get progressively more dangerous because that’s how movie plots work.

None of the films youngest stars have appeared in anything too big before. And RKSS FILMS, a collective that acts in a producing and directing role, hasn’t had a big hit. Turbo Kid, which followed a young hero through a post-apocalyptic, water-scarce version of 1997, documenting his fight against a ruthless overlord named Zeus, garnered much deserved praise but didn’t make RKSS a household name. Since then, the collective has seemingly been focusing on 84 and a slew of short films.

For those excited to revisit the roots of modern horror, the good news is that there isn’t long to wait. Summer of 84 will hit select theaters on August 12th.