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Happy Daddy’s Day! Sugar Daddies Are Getting Their Own Holiday

Hallmark probably doesn't have any cards for this.

Getty Images

Sugar Daddies got their name from the amount of money and other gifts they shower their Sugar Babies with. But now, Daddies are getting their very own day of appreciation. SeekingArrangement, the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site, has announced it the first-annual “Daddy’s Day”.

According to a press release, June 15 will be recognized as Daddy’s Day, “a holiday for Sugar Babies to indulge their Sugar Daddies.” The website surveyed its 20 million worldwide members to find out how they’ll celebrate the, uh, historic day.

The majority of members (29 percent) say they’ll be celebrating with some extra sexy time and “spicing things up in the bedroom.” But Sugar Babies have other plans, too: 21 percent are cooking their Sugar Daddy’s favorite meal, 9 percent say they’ll see a movie, and 12 percent are planning an adventurous outing.

If these seem like other “normal” relationship celebrations, there’s a reason for that, explains Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement.

“Intimacy is an important factor in every relationship,” says Wade. “Putting the effort in to impress your partner, whether it’s in the bedroom or the kitchen, is a great way to show appreciation.”

And though Sugar Baby/Daddy relationship is known to be based around material goods, 18 percent of Babies say they’ll be creating a “special gift from the heart” for their first Daddy’s Day. Aww.

There’s a lot of stereotypes and misunderstanding around Sugar Daddies, mostly because people are uncomfortable with parenting terms becoming sexual. (Understandable.) But in most cases, the term “Daddy” is used to simply denote a dominant power role orientation, explains sex therapist Dulcinea Pitagora. Which is precisely what’s going on in a Sugar Daddy/Baby relationship, sexually or otherwise.