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‘Succession’ Season 2: What to Know About the Finale and What’s Next

Season one took weird turn after another, and fans are gonna feel it come season 2.


Nobody could have predicted that a show about the ultra-rich being blissfully aware, yet wholly unaware, of how incredibly awful they are, would be such a huge hit. But, alas, the season finale of the first season of HBO’s show Succession—for all it’s murder,  betrayal, and cringe-worthy moments —  has made fans hate, empathize with, and crave even more of the surprisingly relatable Roy family. Per a recent interview, show creator Jesse Armstrong said that season 2 will stick with the family’s strange relationships while going deeper into inner workings of the company that’s made them all so crazy.

Okay, for those who haven’t kept up with Succession,  here’s the long and short of it. The series follows a power struggle that’s taking place within a family-owned media conglomerate. Kendall Roy, the heir to the family company throne, is trying very hard to undermine his father Logan, who for all intents and purposes is the worst kind of belligerent asshole. But, right as Kendall manages to coordinate a hostile takeover of his father’s company, he accidentally gets a young server at his sister’s wedding killed while trying to score drugs. After the police tie Kendall to the boy’s death, Logan steps in to cover it up, thus putting Kendall in his debt and causing the hostile takeover to fall through.

“We’ve got a very early shape, [for season 2] but it could change. I think we’ll end up coming through on this, but my thought was that we’ve got this big company that we’ve set up with cruise lines and theme parks and a news channel and a bunch of other channels,” Armstrong told The Hollywood Reporter. “I think if people are interested in going on the journey with us, we could go into the weeds a little bit, as long as we keep the character and family interrelationships, which are the heart of the show.”

As you can imagine a lot more that takes place over the course of the season. Shiv, the sister who’s getting married, undermines a Bernie Sander’s style presidential candidate for the benefit of the family company, Kendall actually struggles with drug addiction the entire season, and as you can imagine, none of the Roy kids particularly like their father. Still, they don’t hate him as much as they hate Kendall during the period in which they thought that he’d single-handedly destroyed their legacy via the plot to undermine Logan.

Regardless, season two will probably be a riot, as the season finale—unlike many other shows— totally upends the dynamic that season one set up. Kendall ends up crying in his dad’s arms as the two reconcile. Is their newfound love for each other just another tool that Logan will use to control Kendall? Has Kendall really given up on hating his dad, or is this an act? The show writers are just starting season two, so it’s going to be a bit of a wait before we find out.