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Substitute Teacher Buys Man a Coffee, But the Man is Secretly Keith Urban

He was low on change, and she had no idea.


Here’s a good reason to always help out strangers: some of them might actually be Keith Urban, low on change. A story is making the rounds on the internet that woman living in New Jersey loaned a man cash to buy a coffee, but didn’t know exactly who he was.

He was and is, Keith Urban, the country music star, husband of Nicole Kidman and father of two. Apparently, the woman in question, Ruth Reed, makes it a common practice to “treat someone” at her local WaWa convenience store. And recently, she loaned a man money without realizing he is one of the biggest country music stars in the world.

“I said that he looked like Keith Urban and he said that he was,” explained Reed in a Facebook post, which she adorably described as a “Ruth Reed moment.” Basically, Ruth Reed is everyone’s sweet mom who loves to help out strangers and also loves Keith Urban, even if she doesn’t recognize him when he’s starring her in the face.

Urban is currently on tour and was in Candem, NJ playing a concert. Why he didn’t have enough cash on him to buy a coffee is a bit unclear, but then again, who among us hasn’t found themselves unexpectedly short a few dollars while trying to make a purchase?

Urban’s Graffiti U tour will continue in the United States throughout the rest of 2018. In 2019, Urban will tour Australia, which is pretty close to where he was born. Though an American country music star, Urban famously hails from New Zealand.

You can check out where Keith Urban will pop up next on his website right here. Who knows, the guy might need a coffee or some snacks again.