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Sorry Guys, But Mothers Are Apparently Better At Sleep Than You

You’re a parent, so if you haven’t already said goodbye to sleep forever then you and your partner are probably engaged in a ferocious competition for unconsciousness. When sleep is the field where the battle of the sexes plays out, assign another point for Team Wife, because a new study of over 5,450 people found that she’s getting more than you. Maybe if you didn’t get an elbow in the back every time you sort of snore, you’d be able to close this gap.

The extensive research consisted of smartphone data gathered through Entrain — an app originally designed to help people with jet lag — from users who voluntarily opted into the study. Its data found women get 30 more minutes of sleep a night than men, mostly as a result of early bedtimes and later wake times (as opposed to your hardcore “like a log” technique). People in the Netherlands got the most sleep at 8 hours and 12 minutes per night, because, duh, obviously they’re all high.

Adding insult to injury, middle-aged men got the worst sleep by far and this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Other offensive studies have already told you that your wife needs 20 more minutes of sleep per night to repair her complex brain (the researcher’s words), so Entrain’s conclusions mostly confirm that you’re giving her what she needs and then some. If you can muster the energy, go ahead and pat yourself on the back.

[H/T] Wired