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Researchers Say Your Success Depends Largely On Your Spouse’s Personality

It’s nice to think you control your path to success, but one of the most important influences on your career is in someone else’s hands. Any husband who’s ever woken up to a packed lunch or been allowed to sleep through baby duty the night before a big meeting can attest to the importance of choosing the right spouse, and now that claim can be backed up with science. A study conducted by Washington University found that pay increases, job satisfaction, and likelihood of promotion were linked closely to the traits of each subject’s partner.

The researchers monitored these factors in 5,000 married people between the ages of 19 and 89 over the course of 5 years. Subjects who were most successful in each career facet had a spouse whose personality scored high in conscientiousness. “The experiences responsible for this association are not likely isolated events where the spouse convinces you to ask for a raise or promotion,” lead author Joshua Jackson, PhD told his university newsroom. “Instead, a spouse’s personality influences many daily factors that sum up and accumulate across time to afford one the many actions necessary to receive a promotion or a raise.”

The study found that pay increases, job satisfaction, and likelihood of promotion were linked closely to traits in each subject’s partner.

Researchers point to 3 reasons why conscientiousness could be such an important factor: the opportunity to outsource tasks to your partner, the likeliness that you’ll emulate these good habits yourself, and the stability that this personality type can bring to your personal life — all of which begs the question: Does that mean your wedding can be used as a tax write-off?

( Via Inc.)