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Study Confirms What You Already Knew: Selfies Make You Look Like a Douche

It's science.

Some might say that politics are the most polarizing thing in America right now, but we disagree. Nothing sparks a simultaneous response of both disgust and appreciation quite like a selfie, especially when that selfie is just one of many posted to a single account. Though it’s quickly become our means of expression, selfies tend to be viewed as narcissistic and just plain yucky. Now, a new study is proving that posting selfies inevitably makes you look like a douche.

According to new research published in The Journal of Research in Personality, led by Washington State University, selfie-takers are perceived by strangers to be less likable. Researchers asked more than 100 college students to rate the Instagram feeds of 30 other students on criteria like likability and self-absorption. Results showed that people who posted selfies ranked poorly across the board, while those who shared more “posies”, or portraits that were taken by someone else, ranked better.

We’ve all been irritated by a serial selfie-taker, but why exactly do we tend to form such strong opinions on them? Chris Barry, a professor of psychology leading the study, says that people who post selfies tend to post less about their experiences or surroundings, making them appear close-minded and conceited. Are also points out that a selfie is less natural than a “posie.”

“If we knew that person in real life, that’s how we’d perceive them,” he says.

Still, Barry doesn’t think it’s necessary to ban selfies altogether. Instead, he suggests being more mindful the next time you flip open your front camera. Basically: think before you selfie.