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These Students Throwing a Surprise Party for Their Beloved Custodian Is the Best Thing You’ll See This Week

Get those tissues ready.

Despite the hard work they do for all of us every day, custodians are rarely given the appreciation they deserve. Fortunately, Moody Elementary, a school in Alabama, decided to celebrate their beloved custodian named Eugene Hilton (the students refer to him as Mr. Eugene) on National Custodian Day by throwing him a surprise party and his emotional reaction might be the best thing you see this week.

According to ABC7NY, Mr. Eugene is extremely well-liked among the students and staff, so much so that they wanted to give their unsung hero a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. In the video, a teacher asks him if he can go to the gym to clean up a big mess. He walks in, not knowing that a huge crowd of students are waiting to surprise him.

The video really takes a heartwarming turn when Mr. Eugene walks into the gym and sees a wave of students cheering for him. Mr. Eugene immediately gets emotional and appears to be on the verge of tears thanks to the overwhelming gesture from the school. Eventually, he is able to compose himself and begins giving high fives to as many excited students as he can.

“I totally lost it,” Eugene told ABC’s Right this Minute. “I wasn’t expecting that at all. I was expecting something much worst.”

Unsurprisingly, the videos ended up online, where they have quickly gone viral due to the touching gesture from students and Mr. Eugene’s genuinely moving reaction.

“It made me feel real appreciated,” Eugene stated. “It was a total shock. I love these guys.”