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Mike’s ‘Stranger Things’ 1980s Bicycle is Selling Crazy Fast


If you or your kids want to time travel to an alternate version of the 1980s, the easiest way to do it is by bicycle. Last week, Schwinn began selling a limited edition bicycle reminiscent of the kind ridden by Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) in Stranger Things. Only 500 bikes have been made, and they are selling very fast. Lovingly made to recreate the look and feel of the cycles on the hit Netflix show, the bike features a Stranger Things logo on the chain guard, as well as several secret easter eggs. (We’ve heard that one of those secret easter eggs is the quote “friends don’t lie” hidden somewhere on the bike itself.)

According to Patrick Hotlen, a graphic designer for Schwinn, the new bike isn’t an exact replica of the one from the show, and part of that is because time travel to the 1980s isn’t exactly possible, yet. “We knew what the bike was going to be by essentially copying what was already in the show,” Holten explained in a Schwinn press release. “The show definitely harkens back to the iconic Schwinn Sting-Ray bike that would have been very prevalent at the time the show takes place in and it is something we are familiar with so figuring out the parts and pieces of it was pretty easy.”

Fatherly reached out to Schwinn to determine just how many of these bikes are left, and what happens when they’re all sold out. Here’s the deal: after these 500 bikes are gone, they’re totally not planning on making any more. And Schwinn told us that well over half of the bikes have already been sold. So, if want to pedal your way into the Upside Down, you don’t have much time left. Appropriately, the only way to order it is over the phone by calling an old school phone number: 1-800-SCHWINN.

Right now, Mike’s Bike will run you $379 bucks, but there’s no telling what it will be worth once all 500 have been totally sold out.