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‘Stranger Things’ Kids Give Surrogate “Dad” Steve Harrington Father’s Day Tribute

No character in TV history may be more deserving of this shoutout.


The cast of Stranger Things paid a quick Father’s Day tribute to Steve Harrington the babysitting god last weekend. The tribute is truly fitting too, during season two he became a sort of unofficial dad to the gang of kids, ultimately developing a particularly good relationship with fan-favorite Dustin, played by Gaten Matarazzo. In the first season, Steve was more than a little self-absorbed, but still a decent human being, but by season two he’d done a complete 180, and weirdly enough a lot of dads just might tell you that the same thing happened to them after having kids of their own.

When it comes to a-typical dad types, Steve Harrington from Stranger Things is the perfect example. Is he even remotely close to being an older guy? No. Does he even have kids of his own? Nope. But, You know what Steve Harriston does do? He’s done a killer job babysitting the Stranger Things kids— even taking a savage beating for one of them. He gives fantastic advice about love, not just of other people, but of yourself too. And finally, despite getting his heart stepped on by Nancy, he stuck around because he actually had a spot in that heart for her litter brother and his friends.

“Not only did you pump up Dustin’s hair, but you pumped him up, got him together,” Matarazzo says in the short tribute. “Yelled at him like a good dad should. Made sure he was doing what he was supposed to do. You protected him, you protected the other kids, and we just want to say thank you for that and say Happy Father’s Day.”

In short, Dad Steve deserves all the praise, not just for learning how to be helpful, but how to be selfless and empathetic as well. Fortunately, showrunners have said that there will be even more Dad Steve next season.