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‘Stranger Things 3’ Teaser Will Make You Nostalgic For ’80s Malls

Welcome to Hawkins, Indiana, and to the Starcourt Mall.


The new teaser trailer for  Season 3 of Starnger Things is basically two things: a  tribute to defunct ’80s retail chains and a huge tease for everyone who loves Steven Harrington.

On Monday, Netflix release the new trailer, a faux-commercial for a new mall in Hawkins, Indiana called the Starcourt Mall. And just like any scene of Blade Runner, this teaser is like a graveyard for brands that don’t exist anymore.  From Sam Goody to Waldenbooks, this memory lane trip is not for the faint of heart.

Stranger Things has always been heavy on the 80’s era nostalgia and it leans in as hard as it possibly can in this teaser. The editing of the commercial, the music, the Orange Julius — hell, the design of the mall itself. The final shot shows Joe Keery, reprising his role as super-dad and super-haired Steve Harrington. He stands behind the counter of Scoops Ahoy! which is presumably a nautically themed ice cream shop, alongside new cast member Maya Hawke, who is playing a new-girl in town named Robin. Robin will play an off-beat teen who is bored in Hawkins and stumbles upon something darker than she expected — presumably what lurks underneath (or upside-down) Hawkins.

The trailer also hints at when Season 3 will be dropped by saying the mall will be open “next summer.” This is sure to be a bummer for big-time fans who were hoping the show would be back sooner, rather than later.

So, for now, Stranger Things Season 3 won’t be out for another year. But, it’s safe to say a bunch of fake ’80s commercials will hit the internet between now and then.