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Steven Tyler Will Bring Sweet Emotion as Your Wedding Officiant for 200K

He won't miss a thing.

The hardest part of being married often occurs right at the beginning of the journey: planning the wedding. But, assuming you and your significant other shares a love of epic rock ballads and aging pop stars, one part of your wedding planning is pretty much taken care of. For the low price of two hundred thousand American dollars ($200K), the frontman of Aerosmith — Steven Tyler — will officiate your wedding.

On Friday, Steven Tyler revealed he’d paid $80 bucks to become an ordained minister, mostly so he could officiate his son’s wedding. ” “I just married my son. I married my son to a beautiful girl,” Tyler told TMZ. “I went online, paid 80 bucks and I became a father. God knows I’ve been a mother for so long!”

Tyler also suggested that when Justin Bieber decides to have his wedding ceremony, Tyler is the man to make it happen. “Justin, you need to get married, I’m the man to do it.” Tyler also mentioned fellow old-school rocker Mick Fleetwood is also getting into the ordained minister business.

But where did this figure of 200K come from? Well, turns out the interviewer from TMZ asked Tyler directly how much it would cost for Tyler to do his wedding, and the response was “Two hundred grand, I’ll do it, no problem.”

Does this seem too low or too high? In 2017, in the US, the average cost of a wedding was 25,000. So, if you add Steven Tyler to your wedding, it does get kind of extravagant. But, then again, it might kind of be worth it.

It is unclear at this time if Tyler’s fee would include him singing during the ceremony.