Frustrated Dad Calculates Cost Leaving His Daughter Alone Near Makeup

Father of six, Steve Tate, is currently watching his Instagram blow up after posting a hilarious photo of his toddler Reese getting into his wife’s makeup and making a royal mess. When Tate found Reese, the toddler’s face and clothes were already caked in what Tate called a “weird, sparkly, liquid.” Apparently, Tate walked in on his daughter rummaging through her mother’s clothes and pulling out bra pads before making the classic error of turning his back again. A few moments later there was a mildly toxic spill.

Now, most parents can relate to looking away from their toddlers for a few seconds before turning back around to a huge mess, but according to Tate Reese’s mess wasn’t as unique as it was costly. With the pants covered in makeup, beyond looking like an item someone would purchase from a high fashion catalogue, Tate took the opportunity to highlight how the makeup she’s covered in isn’t exactly cheap.  

“Those pants she is wearing are now worth $300………based on the prices I’ve seen at Sephora and Ulta those are now the most expensive jeans we own.”