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Frustrated Dad Calculates Cost Leaving His Daughter Alone Near Makeup

"Big Mess, Little Time" Toddlers, the great American Novel.

Father of six, Steve Tate, is currently watching his Instagram blow up after posting a hilarious photo of his toddler Reese getting into his wife’s makeup and making a royal mess. When Tate found Reese, the toddler’s face and clothes were already caked in what Tate called a “weird, sparkly, liquid.” Apparently, Tate walked in on his daughter rummaging through her mother’s clothes and pulling out bra pads before making the classic error of turning his back again. A few moments later there was a mildly toxic spill.

Now, most parents can relate to looking away from their toddlers for a few seconds before turning back around to a huge mess, but according to Tate Reese’s mess wasn’t as unique as it was costly. With the pants covered in makeup, beyond looking like an item someone would purchase from a high fashion catalogue, Tate took the opportunity to highlight how the makeup she’s covered in isn’t exactly cheap.  

“Those pants she is wearing are now worth $300………based on the prices I’ve seen at Sephora and Ulta those are now the most expensive jeans we own.”

Ya know how a picture doesn’t tell you the entire story? Well let me tell you the entire story, and inform you what happened just minutes before Reese decided to cake her freaking face in weird, sparkly, liquid that smelt like some sort of cocoa bean……and apparently is supposed to go on women’s faces ????????‍♂️. Well, I walked in on Reese holding two oval shaped pads (presumably belonging to that of a bra ….ya know, to create some perk ????????), to her chest area as if she knew exactly what they were for ????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️. What is going on??? Oh and by the way- those pants she is wearing are now worth $300………based on the prices I’ve seen at Sephora and Ulta those are now the most expensive jeans we own. #dadlife #parenting #adulthood #girls #daddydaughter #dads #fatherhood #makeup #toddlers #toddlerterrorists #toddlerlife #daughters #raisingdaughters

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