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Steve Irwin’s Son Recreated An Iconic Photo of His Dad and Nailed It

This throwback photo is everything.

In case you missed it, Robert Irwin just recreated an iconic photo of Steve Irwin and is the spitting image of his dad in a new, heartwarming Instagram.

For lots of folks, there are probably a few nostalgic items that once you dust ‘em off in the attic, you’re immediately transported back to your childhood for a moment. For Robert Irwin, son of the late and great “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, it seems that his dad’s old motorbike is one of those rare things.

In a recent Instagram post, that old motorbike has made a reappearance, to the delight of “Crocodile Hunter” fans everywhere. Robert just posted a touching tribute of his dad with the bike and we’re here for it. 

On February 12, Robert shared an old, grainy image of his dad and Robert as a baby on the bike together, followed by a recent photo and video of grown-up Robert riding that same bike around the Australia Zoo. He captioned the Instagram with a little bit about the bike’s history, which Robert fixed up and gave new life after it was broken for some time.

He wrote, “I have so many memories of Dad’s old motorbike – hanging on to the front with Bindi as we’d ride around the zoo with Dad.” Robert continued, “And now after being in the shed for a few years, it’s all fixed up and running again. It’s so special to be riding it after all this time!” 

Fans were very supportive of this throwback, fixer-upper project. One person wrote, “Damn right in the feels,” and we totally agree. Someone else wrote, “Such a great memory to have with your Dad! Pretty soon you will be driving your niece around,” referring to his sister Bindi’s pregnancy she announced that she is pregnant with a girl in August, according to People.

We’re all certainly looking forward to the day when Robert can recreate this photo once again with his baby niece. But until then, we can enjoy the sweet, nostalgic charm of the photos that Robert just posted — and look forward to the day when Uncle Robert and his niece ride around just like Steve did with his kids.