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Steve Irwin’s Son Feeds 100-pound ‘Rodent’ With Jimmy Fallon

Robert continues his dad's tradition of terrifying late-night hosts with wild animals.


Robert Irwin continues to carry on his late father’s tradition of scaring the shit out of late-night hosts. Last night, the Crocodile Hunter’s son returned to The Tonight Show and forced Jimmy Fallon to interact with several wild animals, including a 100-pound rodent known as a capybara.

The segment started off simply enough, with Irwin bringing out a few adorable baby goats (also known as kids) for him and Fallon to feed. Fallon seemed to enjoy the goats but also appeared concerned about what might be next. With the kids off-stage, Irwin then brought out a Kookaburra bird and tried to teach Fallon a bit of bird-calling. Of course, Fallon turned it into an imitation of Cardi B. From there, it was time for the capybara, which Irwin described as “the world’s biggest rodent” with “huge, massive teeth that never stop growing.” The gigantic creature made Fallon visibly nervous, and he appeared extremely hesitant to feed it an ear of corn, although he finally did.

In the end, Robert brought out both his mom and sister Bindi to say hello to Fallon before surprising the relieved host with an American alligator named “Curly.” Robert attempted to explain to Fallon that American alligators are actually very calm creatures, but Fallon was clearly terrified the entire time he was forced to hold Curly. Still, that didn’t stop Fallon from giving Curly a kiss on the head, with a little bit of encouragement from the Irwin family.