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1991 Live TV Spot Of Steve Irwin Getting Bit By Python Resurfaces

Steve Irwin makes the news again.

It’s been a good week for Steve Irwin throwback videos.

Just a day after Robert Irwin, the late, great Steve Irwin’s 17-year-old son who has followed in his footsteps in general animal badassery and conservation efforts, shared a video of his dad after he was born, another video of the animal wrangler went viral on Reddit. The video is even older than 17-years — it was of a TV spot filmed in 1991, which is now 19 years ago – and it shows off a classic, and very young, Steve Irwin. 

But the video is also classic Steve Irwin. The one-minute video, a local television spot, opens with Steve Irwin assuring the television host that the python that is wrapped around his neck that he is showing off on the local television station won’t bite him — “The only reason I’m doing this is because this one’s a python. As you can see, he won’t bite. He can’t eat me and he doesn’t feel scared, so he won’t bite, and he hasn’t got venom,” Irwin says. 

Obviously, the video wouldn’t have resurfaced had it been a normal television spot where the python did not, in fact, bite Steve Irwin. But instead, as Irwin talks about how the snake definitely won’t bite him, the snake absolutely does. And Irwin’s reaction is classic. Completely stone-faced, he stops mid-sentence to note that the python is biting his neck.

His trademark sense of calm at a moment when everyone else in the world (except for maybe his kids and widow Terri) would be freaking the f*** out is a sight to behold. By the end of the clip, the python has released Irwin’s neck from its grip, and Irwin apologizes to the TV host for… getting bit by a snake?

When the snake you said wouldn’t bite you bites you. (Rest in peace you legend) from WatchPeopleDieInside

The video makes us remember a legend who is already sorely missed.