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Stephen Colbert Is Asking Celebrities to Share Their Awkward Teen Photos for a Good Cause

From Conan O'Brien to Sarah Silverman, everyone got in on the action.

Puberty may be a painful time for most people but Stephen Colbert has found a way to turn that teen angst into hurricane relief. Last week, comedian Nick Kroll was a guest on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new puberty-focused, animated show Big Mouth. During the interview, Colbert and Kroll came up with an idea that would bring joy to all of our lives: for every celebrity who shared an awkward puberty photo, Colbert would donate $1,000 to aid people in Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas who were affected by the recent hurricanes.

To participate, celebrities simply needed to share a photo online with the hashtag #PuberMe. Unsurprisingly, dozens ended up posting their hilariously embarrassing photos with the world. Here are a few of the best, most cringe-worthy pics.

First up was Stephen himself, who once looked like Dracula’s dorky nephew.

Kroll then returned the favor, showing a picture of his pre-puberty-self failing to look tough but succeeding at looking downright adorable.

Fellow late night host Conan O’Brien showed off his charming (and not at all unsettling) smile.

Sarah Silverman’s style as a teenager was basically just Wayne’s World Cosplay.

Before he created Seinfeld on Crack,” It’s Always Sunny actor Rob McElhenney was just a sweet little altar boy.

John Oliver revealed himself to be the primary inspiration for McLovin.

Actress Kristen Schaal looks exactly like her character Mabel from Gravity Falls.

Patton Oswalt shared a totally boss photo but had a hard time seeing why anyone would find it funny.

Lin-Manuel Miranda showed off some of his early musical talents, along with a very unfortunate bowl cut.

Colbert said that he’ll announce tomorrow just how much money has been raised for One America Appeal. Until then, let’s hope we get to enjoy a few more awkward teenage photos.