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Colbert Asks Keanu Reeves Who Would Win: Neo or John Wick?

Keanu’s answer may surprise you.

Keanu Reeves and his actor and co-conspirator Alex Winter have been making the press tour rounds for their new movie, Bill & Ted Face the Music, the third installment of the film series that kicked off decades ago and has since been rebooted. While COVID-19 has made press tours look very different than usual — absent society is from red carpet premieres and interviews in person — Winter and Reeves did step on Zoom to talk to Stephen Colbert about the movie and all-things Keanu. 

One question that seemed to stump Reeves? At one point, Colbert brings up two other iconic roles that Reeves has helmed over the years time and time again, that of John Wick in the John Wick movies and Neo in the Matrix franchise. “Who would win in a fight? John Wick or Neo?”

Reeves has a surprising answer to the question. “First of all, they wouldn’t fight.” Colbert asks, “But what if Neo accidentally killed John Wick’s dog?” Which is a fair question considering the death of John Wick’s first dog was what led him to his bonkers, several day murder spree. While Reeves entertains the situation, he continues to maintain, “No! No! They wouldn’t fight.” 

So, unfortunately, it looks like we won’t see a Matrix / John Wick crossover, or at least a major fight. Reeves did say he thought that Wick would try to help Thomas Anderson, so there is that. 

Bill & Ted Face the Music hits streaming platforms on August 27, 2020.