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Stephen Colbert Wrote a Christmas Movie With Kids and It’s Totally Insane

Introducing a new genre: holiday horror.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube

On Friday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the late-night host revealed what a Christmas movie written by kids would look like in the latest “Kids Pitch” segment. The spoof trailer of Santa Fight: Saving the Holiday From Atnas features Santa’s evil twin brother, an army of ax-wielding elves, and a kung-fu fighting snowman.

“I thought it was time to find out what kids want in a Christmas movie,” the host says, explaining that all Christmas movies for children are currently made by adults. To create “the greatest holiday movie of all time,” he first consults a panel of eight young directors for a brainstorming session.

After the team develops their movie, Colbert gives the audience an exclusive first look at the teaser trailer, starring Nick Kroll, Rachel Dratch, John Oliver, Laura Linney, and Bryan Cranston. “Merry Christmas” becomes “Scary Christmas” as the clip shows evil Atnas returning to steal the holiday back from Santa. With an evil laugh, he tells his twin “this year the bad kids are getting all the good stuff,” before heading to the North Pole where he’s joined by a disgruntled Mrs. Claus and elf army.

Fortunately, Santa is able to enlist the help of a talking snowman who also happens to be a martial arts master. After completing his training, the real Mr. Claus challenges Atnas to the ultimate fight to save Christmas.

Santa Fight may not be coming to theaters, but according to the children, Colbert succeeded in making a kid-approved Christmas flick. As one of the young directors, Tyler, deemed, “It seems like a good movie. I would watch it.”