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Steph and Seth Curry’s Dad Reveals Who He’s Rooting for in Their Conference Finals Matchup

That's a hard choice.


As Steph and Seth Curry gear up to face each other in the Western Conference finals as the first brothers to ever compete against each other in the NBA conference finals, their parents have a tough decision to make: which son do they cheer for?

Fortunately, dad Dell Curry has a simple solution. “Got to flip a coin,” he told The Star Tribune, explaining that before each of the games in the best-of-seven series, he and his wife Sonya will flip a coin to determine who will root for which son that game.

If the coin lands on heads, Sonya will wear Seth’s Blazers colors while Dell will sport blue and yellow for Steph’s Warriors. And if it’s tails, vice versa.

But just because they have a system in place doesn’t mean that the Currys aren’t anxious for the brother-brother matchup. “I normally don’t get nervous for games when either one of them play,” Dell, who says he plans to attend every game with Sonya, admitted in the same interview. “But I got a little nervous knowing how they’re going to play against each other.”

As Steph already has three championship wins, Dell went on to add, “It would be great for Seth to get a [championship] ring, but we can’t root for one son over the other. We’re just going to let it play out and have fun watching them both play.”

And the Currys aren’t the only parents who have found themselves in a similar situation. When NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning faced off for the third time in 2013, Eli explained that his parents rooted for whoever was on offense. It’s something that Serena and Venus Williams have also struggled with, noting that while their first few matchups on the tennis court were “awkward” for their family, it got better with time.