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12 Killer Dad Jokes At The Expense Of Steph Curry’s New Kicks

Golden State Warrior’s guard Steph Curry recently learned an unfortunate lesson that you’ve known for some time: It’s impossible to look cool once you become a dad, even if you are in the NBA Finals. Last week, his Curry 2 Low dropped, and Dad Joke Twitter‘s response was fast, furious, and vicious. Curry himself responded with typically aggressive defense, swearing the shoes were “fire,” but in retrospect he might have just been acknowledging how badly he got burned. How else to explain the fact that Under Armour just poached its old designer, who made Curry’s previous and far better received kicks, back from Nike?

And while you wouldn’t wish a Twitter fashion mob on your worst enemy, if they’re going to burn the poor guy to the ground you may as well catch some of the heat. Here are 12 hilarious blasts on Steph Curry’s expense, which he’ll probably remember to be bummed about sometime after winning his second consecutive NBA title.