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Steph Curry and His Daughter Showed Off Their Signature Handshake

To the surprise of nobody, it's cool as hell.

Instagram: NBA

Steph Curry has been sidelined for most of the NBA season after breaking his left hand in October but that hasn’t stopped the two-time MVP from showing off some of his skills off the court, including debuting his handshake with his daughter Riley during the Warriors recent matchup against the Dallas Mavericks. To the surprise of nobody, their handshake is cool as hell.

It’s hard to describe exactly what the two are doing move-by-move but it involves a few peace signs, some dabbing, and throwing it up to the big man upstairs. The coolest part of all of it is the extremely casual attitude the two have during the entire thing, acting like they are just throwing out a standard high-five instead of doing an elaborate series of moves that surely took a decent amount of practice.

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✌️ What a handshake! 👏

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Of course, if you follow the NBA, you know that hand shakes are absolutely an essential part of the game and superstars like Steph and LeBron love nothing more than having specific handshakes with each and every one of their teammates. So seeing Steph pull off a sweet handshake with his daughter should come as no surprise, especially since Riley has been a fan-favorite since her hilarious antics during her dad’s press conferences.

If you’re a dad and watching this, it might be inspiring you to create your own handshake with your kid. And while it may not be quite as epic as Riley and Steph’s, maybe 2020 is the perfect time to finally create a super special handshake with your child.