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Thanks to Airbnb, You Can Stay in Harry Potter’s Creepy Birth Home IRL

Muggle families can live out there magical dreams...or nightmares.


If you’re still trying to come to terms with the fact that you’ll likely never be a real wizard, you’re not alone. For many of us, the realization that our letter from Hogwarts is not going to come hits us hard, and the need to take a vacation from our real muggle life is strong. But, don’t lose all hope yet because we’ve found the perfect little getaway vacation home—Harry Potter’s actual house is available to rent on Airbnb.

The DeVere House in Lavenham, England, is a real-life bed and breakfast which was where Harry Potter lived with his parents as a baby and spent the first year of his life there. This was his home before He Who Must Not Be Named (Lord Voldemort) came into his life and made him move in with the Dudleys, with the cupboard under the stairs. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry and the gang returned to this place — called Godric’s Hollow – and it was creepy as hell. Basically, this is the nightmare house of Harry Potter’s childhood, a place where weird old ladies had giant snakes living inside of them. Fun!


The property is available to rent on Airbnb for around $142 a night with a 2-night minimum stay. The inside is totally Hogwarts-worthy with four-poster bedrooms, a bohemian looking reading room, and guests have their own private entrance. There is a private sitting area with a working fireplace, a gorgeous courtyard garden and basically the perfect mix of décor for the Harry Potter fan without it being completely in your face.

Credit: AirBnB

The building is gorgeous and old, and because of that, the listing warns that “due to the age and layout of the house” they can’t accommodate “pets, children or those with mobility problems.” Another thing to keep in mind is Airbnb’s recent banning of “party houses” after a deadly shooting in a California rental led the company to “[redouble] our efforts to combat unauthorized parties and get rid of abusive host and guest conduct.” Not that we think any Ravenclaws or Hufflepuffs will be any trouble. But, Death Eaters who are planning on chugging some Butterbeer 40s have been warned.

If you’re looking to book a stay at the De Vere House, they appear to have plenty of dates available to make your Godric’s Hollow vacation of your dreams…or nightmares.