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Thinking About Moving? Check Out The Data On Which States Are Winning And Losing People

There are a few reasons to move out of a particular state — the weather, the cost of living, the unfortunate laws against dads procuring fireworks. But when the housing bubble popped in 2012, that was yet another reason why people migrated, specifically out of the Midwest and Northeast and into the South and West, and it’s more complicated than just “better bbq.”

Now that the recession has ceased, some states are regaining residents and other regions can’t seem to hang on to them. According to census data, Florida picked up about 200,000 new residents between 2014 and 2015, while Illinois lost 105,000 people, the largest one-year population decline in the 21st century. So where did all those people go? Experts think this migration is due to a combination of factors, such as the decline of industrial jobs in the Midwest and Northeast and the rise in cheap housing in growing states like Nevada and Arizona. Or, maybe everyone just hates the winter.

Whatever the reasons, fewer people translates to less political power, but also fewer people to yell at to get off your lawn (which, it’s important to note, you can’t  even have in Arizona). Likewise, more people could mean increased housing costs due to the high demand, but also increased economic opportunity. So no matter where you live, there are likely advantages and disadvantages to be had. Keep it in mind before deciding to pull up stakes, or to keep those stakes in that perfect lawn of yours.

[H/T] The Washington Post