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Starbucks Is Expanding Their Paid Leave Policy To Include Fathers

flickr / Jessica Albano

It’s almost impossible to step outside without accidentally stepping into a Starbucks, and parents don’t always have time to be picky. You might feel guilty for not spending money at your local coffee joint, but now you can pat yourself on the back for supporting another important cause: Paid. Parental. Leave. The coffee giant is joining the ranks of many father-friendly companies by expanding their paid leave policy to include dads — at least, for the most part.

Effective October 1st, Starbucks moms, dads, and adoptive parents working full-time in corporate positions (district managers and above) will have 12 weeks paid leave at 100 percent of their pay. In-store employees who have recently given birth (birthristas, if you will) get 6 weeks of paid time-off at 100 percent of their annual pay, up from 67 percent that was previously offered. Unfortunately, dads and adoptive parents working in-store only get 12 weeks unpaid leave, for now. Overall, these baby steps are still signs of progress.

The change comes as a response to fellow father Matthew Slutsky, a new dad and Starbucks drinker, started an online petition after he found out Starbucks didn’t offer paid leave to fathers. Slutsky (no name jokes, please) did this using the paid leave advocacy organization PL+US’s handy public paid leave index,. So for all the companies you wish would catch up to the 21st century, you can start your own petition. Next time the barista asks what name to write on your cup, just say “Hero.” (Which will probably wind up being something like “Hector.”)