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‘Rise of Skywalker’: Where to Watch the Final Trailer and Buy Tickets

Some tickets are already selling out...

It only took Luke Skywalker about 12 minutes of screentime to blow-up the Death Star, but tickets for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker could possibly sell out even quicker. Ahead of the highly anticipated final trailer for the film, movie tickets have finally gone on sale for the opening weekend in December.

So far, some folks who live in big cities like New York and Los Angeles are reporting that tickets are close to being sold out.

The new trailer also posted and it’s amazing!

Speaking on behalf of Regal Cinemas stars John Boyega and Oscar Isaac announced the tickets were 100 percent available.

Atom tickets also confirmed that Rise of Skywalker pre-sales have outpaced even Avengers: Endgame!

Meanwhile, the charitable organization — Reel Outreach — encouraged ticket buyers to spend an extra $10 to support efforts to take kids in need to screenings, of the film, too. Previously, this group has taken special needs kids to screenings of The Lion KingCaptain Marvel and more. Check out more on their webpage here.

Meanwhile, while you wait for that trailer to be released (at roughly 9:30 EST on Monday night.) You can mash that buy button on these ticket outlets right now.


Regal Cinemas


Atom Tickets

The film itself comes out on December 20, 2019. (Though most showtimes start on December 19.)