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New ‘Star Wars’ Cartoon ‘Resistance’ Looks Like an Old Nintendo Game

And not one of those 'Star Wars' games either.


After almost no information, the first trailer for the next new ongoing Star Wars animated TV series has dropped out of hyperspace. Disney has released the first trailer for Star Wars Resistance, an animated series that takes place right before The Force Awakens and follows the exploits of a bunch of pilots, but also space mechanics, too.

The show looks exciting enough, but older viewers might be wondering if the entire aesthetic was borrowed from a famous ’90s video game. And that’s because Resistance is really giving a lot of us older folks flashbacks to the halcyon days of the 1990s when the best star pilot in the galaxy was a talking animal named Star Fox.

Though the animation style of Resistance is nothing like Star Fox, the look and feel of the ships and planets feels straight out of the original game. There’s even a sequence of spaceships flying through some floating disks, suspended above tranquil looking water. For those who remember, this describes like every other level on the original Star Fox. If you squint at this footage, you might expect Peppy to say “do a barrel roll!” at any moment.

For comparison, here’s some gameplay from Star Fox.

We’re not saying that the new Star Wars cartoon is ripping off this beloved video game or anything, but if there’s not a talking toad at some point in the show, we’re out.

Star Wars Resistance hits the Disney Channel on October 7.