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‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Season 2 Is Poised To Teach Kids a Lesson Luke Skywalker Never Could

The new season of the popular animated series will apparently also be its last. But the series will hit upon an important theme before it ends.

A new trailer for season 2 of Star Wars: Resistance will get families who love Star Wars excited for October. And, the series also might be poised to teach kids a lesson deeper than parables from the beloved films.

Last year, the newest animated Star Wars series promised something totally different from the rest of the epic saga. With Resistance, the story focused on a group of young and likable speeder-racers living on a mobile platform called the Colluesus on a distant world. And now, Disney has released the trailer for season 2 of the show, which, apparently will wrap up the story of Kaz and his friends. Set just before the events of The Force Awakens, the series is about how some of the less-famous folks in the Star Wars galaxy cope with figuring out how to resist the oppression of the First Order. For grade school kids around 3rd or 4th grade, Resistance puts a smarter spin on Luke Skywalker’s famous words “It’s not like I like the Empire, I hate it. There’s just nothing I can do about it right now.” In Resistance, the bigger lesson seems to be about when and how young people can stand up and fight for what is right. What does it mean to resist?

At the end of season 1, the popular character of Tam Ryvora joined the evil First Order, somewhat against her will. And now, the new trailer shows the young woman grappling with that choice. Star Wars has always done a good job suggesting that even terribly evil people (like Darth Vader) might have some decency in them, but what’s a little more poignant about Resistance is that Tam is a relatable and somewhat normal person who just happens to be going along with working for the First Order. Luke ended up not having a choice in terms of fighting for the good guys, but Tam still does. Star Wars likes to paint evil with big scary ships and red lightsabers, but what the story of Tam does for kids is to show them how easy it is to side with the bad guys if you feel like you’ve got no one to trust.

STAR WARS RESISTANCE – Coverage. (Disney Channel)

Obviously, we’re not really worried that Tam won’t eventually rejoin the Resistance, but it’s exciting that Star Wars is having the guts to do a story that shows the idea of turning to the Dark Side doesn’t mean you’re Kylo Ren or Anakin. Sometimes, it can happen, briefly, to good people, too.

Star Wars: Resistance will hit the Disney Channel on October 6; one month ahead of the launch of Disney+.