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George Lucas Made Yet Another Version of the “Han Shot First” Scene and Disney+ Is Streaming It

WTF is Maclunkey?


Editor’s note: This article has been updated with new info about “Maclunkey.” Read on!

Disney+ launched just yesterday but it’s already reignited one of the oldest and most contentious controversies in Star Wars history: “Han shot first.”

Let’s back up for a minute. In the original theatrical release of A New Hope (before the film even had that subtitle), Han Solo surreptitiously fires his blaster at Greedo, the Rodian bounty hunter trying to take him into custody at the Mos Eisley Cantina, killing him in the process. Solo is a wanted criminal, so it made sense that he’d resort to murder in order to escape Jabba’s clutches.

A lot of fans were pissed when, in the 1997 special edition theatrical cut of the film, a team led by George Lucas altered the scene so that Greedo shoots at Han first. Han’s shot becomes self-defense in this version, making it a radical departure from the original. Lucas changed this a few more times. In the 2004 DVD versions, Lucas tried to split the difference by having them shoot at the same time. Like most middle-of-the-road measures, it didn’t really please anybody. There was yet another, slightly different version of the blaster exchange in 2011 when the Star Wars films hit Blu-ray for the first time. In that version, it looked like the 2004 exchange, but less choppy and fake. At the time, we all thought this nightmare was over.

But, controversy has been dredged up yet again thanks to a new Disney+ version of A New Hope. It features additional edits to this scene that appear to have been spotted and detailed first by Star Wars Visual Comparisons on Twitter.

What’s different this time around is that we have Twitter, and fans quickly took to the platform to express their feelings about this newest round of meddling.

Lots of people focused on “Maclunkey,” the unsubtitled line Greedo seems to yell just before the laser blasts start flying.

Vanity Fair reports that it was George Lucas who oversaw this latest version, as he did the previous versions. (Though Disney has not confirmed this, yet.) Even though he sold Lucasfilm to Disney seven years ago, he’s still can’t make his mind up about this scene, and Star Wars fans are still pissed. They’re not happy with the change, but it’s hard not to respect Lucas’s abilities as a troll even if it’s just a manifestation of his inability to leave well enough alone.

But, get this: One Star Wars expert, Bryan Young, has also pointed out that “Maclunkey” is totally a previously established thing. In “Huttese” (that’s the language used by Jabba the Hutt and his minions) it translates to “This will be the end of you.” So, apparently, Greedo was cursing Han. In The Phantom Menace, the dastardly podracer Sebulba says “Maclunkey” because, like Greedo, he’s the worst.

Here are some more of our favorite reactions to the oldest-dust up in the galaxy.