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Disney+ Rumored to Debut Jar Jar Binks ‘Star Wars’ Game Show in 2020

'Jedi Temple Challenge' could stream early next year starring Ahmed Best as...himself!

Credit: Lucasfilm

The actor who played Jar Jar Binks, a father who has received an immense amount of terrible scorn from the public at large is about to have his own Star Wars revenge. A new rumor has emerged that actor Ahmed Best will host a Star Wars-themed gameshow on Disney+ called “Jedi Temple Challenge.”

The new rumor comes from a reporter at Variety, a reliable publication that reports on what’s going on in the entertainment industry. In other words, though this sounds slightly fake, there’s every reason to believe that it’s very, very real. Meaning, if you’re a Jar Jar hater, get ready to live in a world in which he’s having a huge comeback.

Well, it’s not exactly the return of Jar Jar. There’s every reason to believe this game show will be hosted by Best as himself not as his infamous Gungan counterpart. What will “Jedi Temple Challenge” be about? We’re hoping it not a trivia show, but instead, some kind of mix of Double Dare combined with actual stuff Jedi training should entail, like, you know, swimming underwater to forge an alliance with Jar Jar Binks.

If Disney+ is serious about this gameshow, certain grown-up Star Wars fans will get really, really mad. But let’s all remember that when it comes to anger (specifically about Jar Jar) that leads to the Dark Side. And we’re all adults now, so getting pissed about Jar Jar is 100 percent a thing of the past.

This story is developing.