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Here’s How Much Lightsabers and Droids Will Cost You at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

They look super cool, but be warned: they're not cheap.

David Roark/Disney Parks

If you weren’t able to snag one of the few early passes to the park, you’ll be able to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland in just ten days. More details are trickling out, including information on what will certainly be two of the coolest souvenirs from any Disney park: droids and lightsabers.

At Droid Depot, BB-series and R-series droids will be available. Once they choose which type of droid they want, each builder (with a maximum of one guest) gets a basket and a blueprint before walking through stations to select the specific parts for the chosen droid type. There’s a dome, dome connection plate, body sphere, and motivator for the BB-series; the R-series is composed of a dome, body, center leg, and side legs.

Once they’ve selected their parts, guests will go onto the build station where monitors will display instructions for building the droid. Then each droid is paired with a remote control and activated.

Each droid comes with a carry box and instructions, and they’ll go for $99.99 each. But don’t worry: if you want to spend even more money, you can pay extra for different accessories, including personality-affiliation chips.

And while guests won’t be allowed to use the remote to steer them around at the park, guests can use them to interact with elements placed throughout.

One hundred bucks is a lot for a souvenir, but it’s just half of what a lightsaber in the park will run you. For $199.99, you can get a custom-made lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop assembled from one of four kinds of hilts, and three different colored sabers. A carry case is also included and, like the droid assembly process, only the builder and guest are allowed to go through the process.

So while you plan your trip, it’s tempting to focus on which attractions and rides to hit up. But the reality is that you and your kid are going to be tempted to get a memento of your visit, so make sure you budget some more cash for mementos from the park.