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Spoiler Alert: Keanu Reeves’ Mom Is Not His Girlfriend



Keanu Reeves hasn’t ever won or been nominated for an Oscar, but he did win the chance to co-present this year’s Best Original Screenplay award. And because he’s Keanu freakin’ Reeves he got a plus-one to the ceremony. Reeves brought his mom, Patricia Taylor, to the event, which you know is cool because Laura Dern did the exact same thing.

Unfortunately, seeing Keanu with a white-haired woman led many to assume that he had brought Alexandra Grant, his long-time friend and business partner. Grant was noticed by the media as Reeves’s partner at the LACMA Art + Film Gala last November. This made news because Keanu is 55 and Grant is 46, a still sizeable nine-year gap that is nevertheless something of a departure from the May-December romances more common in Hollywood.

In its original captions for their photos of Reeves and Taylor on the red carpet, both Getty Images and the Associated Press mistook her for Grant. This is somewhat understandable—red carpet photographers are working fast to get their work into the system—but still kind of a bummer, suggesting as it does that all silver-haired, slender women look alike to photographers used to shooting much younger actresses.

It was no MoonlightLa La Land mix-up, but it was nevertheless embarrassing for all involved, aprticularly because it’s the second slip-up in just a few months.

This incident comes after peopleonline legitimately thought Reeves was dating Helen Mirren, which is laughable for a few different reasons. For one, Mirren has been married since 1997. She’s also 28 years older than Grant, which seems like a pretty big difference to overlook. Mirren has also been a working actress since 1966, and as such should have been instantly recognizable.

Glamour speculated that “subconscious ageism” was at play, and after seeing both of these incidents, just a few months apart, it’s hard to disagree.

Both Getty and AP have since corrected their captions. Hopefully, in the future, they’ll be mindful of the fact that Keanu is cool enough to both date a woman who doesn’t dye her silver hair and take his mom to the Oscars.