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Splash Mountain Log Sinks at Disney World, Becomes Metaphor

Perhaps the ride should just be closed until they redesign it.


The popular and racist Disney World ride, Splash Mountain, is in the news again — but not because of the racism part. Disney World, which opened in early July, to questionable fanfare, has been welcoming guests amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But the magic of the Magic Kingdom might have run out on Splash Mountain, which is soon to be designed to be less, well, deeply racist. It turns out that riders on the Splash Mountain ride were treated to an unexpected element of the ride after one log flume — the boats that the riders of the attraction sit in — began to sink on Sunday. 

One person posted a video of the sinking boat on Twitter and wrote, “so we got out of our boat because it was sinking while we were stuck there and the disney world employee decided to tell us that we should’ve stayed in the boat but it went under as soon as we all stepped out… nice.” The boat in the video is completely submerged — and had the ride’s customers have stayed in the boat, they would have been soaking wet (more than the fun on Splash Mountain generally provides.) 

The ride closed to deal with the sinking flume and has since reopened to riders and attendees of the park in Florida. Perhaps the boat was sunk by a ghost who is attempting to speed up the process that Disney said they were embarking on earlier this year to change the ride to not be based off of Disney’s most extremely racist movie, Song of the South, and make it about their lone Black princess, Princess Tiana in Princess of the Frog. Or it could just be a walking metaphor for the fact that Disney World should probably not be open in a state that is averaging around 5,000 new Coronavirus cases a day.