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Spider-Man Might Move From the Avengers To a Totally Different Franchise

Will Tom Holland meet Tom Hardy?

Marvel Studios

Imagine two guys named Tom meeting on the set of a movie in which both of them are dressed to look at least kind of like a Spider-Man. It’s not crazy! Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker could totally meet Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock in Venom 2. Here’s how.

On Monday, Comicbook Resources published an in-depth video all about how Tom Holland’s Spidey might swing over to the Venom movie series really easily. Here’s the short version: Tom Holland mostly works for Sony, not Disney. Sony produced and distributed Venom, and as you probably already know, Venom is a character from Spider-Man comics. So, because Tom Holland has publicly said he’s still going to keep playing Spider-Man, a lot of people think having his Peter Parker in Venom 2 is a foregone conclusion.

In some ways, having Spider-Man appear in Sony-produced movies makes slightly more sense than having him show up in Disney/Marvel movies. And, if that sounds like a lot of movie-business gobbledegook, here’s what it means: All Marvel superheroes are part of Marvel comics, but the movie rights have been split up for a long time. Sony has had Spider-Man for a long-ass time, and the only reason the character was in the Avengers was that Sony basically loaned him to Disney/Marvel Studios. And now, infamously, that deal is over.

Adding to all of this, screenwriter David Koepp — who wrote the 2002 Spider-Man — said this week that he thinks fans who are demanding Spidey’s return to the MCU have got it all wrong. “So it’s a tough situation. And I think certainly the last couple of Spider-Man movies have been terrific. But the animated film [Into the Spider-Verse] that they [Sony] did without Disney’s involvement was, you know, even more terrific. What’s weird to me is those Marvel movie fans who are quick to spring to Disney’s defense like they’re a plucky underdog who needs to be defended. They are not a plucky underdog.”

The question now is whether or not Tom Holland will become a plucky underdog in the shadow of Tom Hardy’s Venom. And, if so, will that new version of Spidey be too scary for kids? In other words, could Tom Holland’s Peter Parker go from being the most wholesome on-screen version of Spider-Man to the most hardcore? Only time will tell.