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It’s Time for a Live-Action Miles Morales Spider-Man Movie

With Spidey leaving the MCU, could we finally get to see someone other than Peter Parker as the web-slinging hero?

Spider-Man is officially leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, much to the disappointment to fans and movie stars alike. But while it will undoubtedly be sad to not get to see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker swing around with Nick Fury, Thor, and the rest of the Avengers, there is nothing any of us can do (unless a Sony executive is reading this, in which case, please end this ugly custody battle and give Spider-Man back to the MCU. Thanks!). So instead of moping around and worrying about Tobey Maguire being brought back for Spider-Man 4, let’s try to focus on potential positives: Could this be the time for Miles Morales to finally get his own live-action Spider-Man movie?

For those unfamiliar with the name Miles Morales, he is a fictional Afro-Latinx teenager from Brooklyn who became Marvel Comic’s new Spider-Man after Parker was killed off back in 2011. In less than a decade, Morales has already become a beloved figure in the Marvel canon and he was most recently the lead in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which was a hit with both audiences and critics, even winning an Oscar for Best Animated Feature in February.

However, Morales has been mostly absent in the live-action Spider-Verse, with Parker (played by three different actors) taking on the role of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in all six movies. With the success of Into the Spider-Verse, could Sony be more likely to give us a live-action Spider-Man movie that features Morales as the web-slinger? Or have Morales team up with Parker to form a Spidey super-crew? The possibilities are endless.

Of course, for now, all of this is just speculation, as Holland is reportedly still signed on to star as Parker in multiple Spider-Man movies and there is still a chance that Disney and Sony reach a deal that keeps Spider-Man in the MCU. But even if that does happen, it would be great to get to see Morales finally make his live-action debut on the big screen in some capacity. Plus, with the MCU clearly heading towards the multiverse in the upcoming Phase 4, there would be plenty of room for multiple Spider-Men to help fight whatever baddie comes after Thanos.

So regardless of how the stand-off between Sony and Disney ends, let’s hope that we end up finally getting the Miles Morales live-action Spider-Man movie we deserve.

Correction: This article previously identified Morales’ ethnicity as Black rather than Afro-Latinx. We regret the error.