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Check Out This Incredible Space Station Built by a Group of Kids

It looks like something out of a movie.

Beam Camp/Adobe

As a kid, we all dreamed of getting together with our friends, heading to the wilderness, and building an incredible fortress of some kind to call our own. Normally, the projects either didn’t get built or collapsed faster than a Jenga tower. C’est la vie. A group of kids at a New Hampshire banded together to create an impressive, straight-out-of-sci-fi space bunker in the woods that’s the stuff of all our childhood dreams.

The installation, known as Salvage Station No. 8 exists deep in the woods of New Hampshire near Beam Camp. The idea to build it came from the desire to “create a sci-fi narrative of an abandoned space salvage station lost in the woods.” More than 90 campers ranging from ages 10-18 teamed up with artist Shing Yin Khor (also known as “sawdustbear“) to build it. Salvage Station No. 8 allowed kids to apply the skills they learned at Beam Camp, including carpentry, painting, and electronics.

And  video tour of Salvage Station No. 8 shows just how much work these kids put into their beloved space station, as the entire thing looks like something out of a movie. There are control panels, artifacts from other planets, and even alien body parts that look so real it’s a bit unsettling.

How did these kids get to head out into the wild and build something so totally awesome? Beam Camp is a part of Beam Center, which is a “NYC nonprofit dedicated to youth development and learning through creation, collaboration, and educator professional development.” Each year, they try to come up with new, larger than life projects that encourage kids to explore their creativity and work together to make something amazing. And, as you can tell from the photos below, they certainly have made something amazing.  Well done, guys.