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With LeBron in Los Angeles, Is It Finally Time For ‘Space Jam 2’?

The highly-anticipated sequel has been rumored for most of James' career. With him in LA, could it actually happen?

Movie Web

Over the weekend, LeBron James once again dominated the news cycle and Twitter-sphere by announcing that he would be leaving Cleveland behind to join the Los Angeles Lakers. Most of the speculation surrounding the decision has focused on what it means for James’ basketball career but some have begun to wonder what coming to LA might mean for James’ off the court career, specifically, whether it might finally be the right time for James to star in the highly-anticipated Space Jam 2.

James has been linked to the rumored sequel for most of his career but his move to LA indicates that he may actually be open to it for the first time. After all, Los Angeles is the movie capital of the universe, making it much easier for James to shoot the movie when he isn’t busy trying to win the Lakers their first post-Kobe championship.

It also doesn’t hurt that James has already proven himself to be a pretty damn good actor, especially for the extremely low bar set for athletes. In 2015, James played the role of Bill Hader’s supportive best friend in Trainwreck and was considered by many to be the best part of the entire movie. He also did a solid job hosting Saturday Night Live way back in 2007, suggesting that he would have no problem acting alongside Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

And as a final piece of motivation, LeBron has surely noticed that his former teammate and current frenemy Kyrie Irving’s Uncle Drew movie just came into theaters and is doing surprisingly well at the box office, earning $15.5 million on its opening weekend. Surely, at least part of James would like to show Irving what true superstar power looks like, right?

Of course, for now, this is all just internet speculation, as James has never actually confirmed or even really acknowledged his potential involvement in Space Jam 2. However, if he does want to prove he’s this generation’s Michael Jordan and join the Toon Squad, there’s never been a better time now that he will be in Los Angeles full-time.