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Looks Like Nobody Likes ‘Space Force’ On Netflix



‘Space Force,’ the Steve Carell vehicle that was lifted straight out of the headlines from when President Trump ordered the creation of a new wing of the military called the Space Force appears to be, at least for now, a bit of a flop, according to critics of the new Netflix show. The show, the first episode of which dropped today, has been met with overwhelmingly negative reviews by TV critics. 

Mashable described the show as “maybe worth watching next season.” CNN called it a “broad satire” that “never achieves liftoff.Slate, pointing the the overwhelming talent that seems to coalesce into a nothing burger, argued that the show, created by The Office’s Greg Daniels and, of course, the former Michael Scott, “recreates” the mistakes of the show that charmed millions of Americans for more than seven seasons. They also pointed to the fact that the Office had a rocky first season, too closely modeled off of the British version of the show, and that it took until season two for the show to really become loved by American audiences. Hopefully, that means that Space Force will get good soon enough. 

“When Netflix paid Carell and Daniels to team up again, they must have been hoping for a show like The Office, but not in the sense that it took an entire season to figure out how to use its star,” Slate critic Willa Paskin writes. That’s probably quite true — but many great sitcoms take a season or two to start to get into a great rhythm. Parks and Recreation, another Greg Daniels creation, had this same exact conundrum when it first aired many years ago, and soon became one of the best-loved sitcoms on television.

Vulture, on the other hand, simply called the show “a massive misfire.” Some reviews were more measured, stating that the actors began to find the heart of their characters and particularly praising J.K. Simmons’s performance. Hopefully, the show will continue to figure out what it’s trying to say soon.