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Southwest Airline is the Latest Caught Treating Parents Horribly

Southwest Airlines is embroiled in a new controversy after a family claims they were wrongly kicked off of a flight to Los Angeles.


Southwest Airlines is embroiled in a new controversy as a family of four is claiming that they were kicked off of a flight from Chicago to Los Angeles. The reason? Their two children were supposedly being “noisy on a flight.” 

According to a Facebook video caption, the problems began when flight attendants told Casey Schilling, a father of two, that he couldn’t have his daughter sit in his lap during the flight. Schilling explained that she was simply scared of flying and that he would just need a second to calm her down. At that point, the flight attendant walked away and proceeded to call for Schilling and his family’s removal from the flight. By the time the captain had come onto the intercom to tell passengers that the plane was going back to the gate due to a customer service issue, the child was allegedly already back in her seat.

#southwest #shame #on #you #southwest #airlines kicked a man off the plane with his two year old daughter because she was afraid and not sitting in her own seat.. he asked the lady for a minute to calm her down she walked away and called people to remove him. The baby was already calm by now and sitting in her own seat. Captain then came over intercom to say we will be going back to the gate to handle a customer service issue. They then told me stop filming and this issue did not involve me, and that me and another woman who spoke up will be the next off he plane. The flight attendant then came to tell me be quiet stop talking ( to the person next to me ) no one around me wants to hear about the situation. #Flight1683 #MDW to #ATL ABC 7 Chicago NBC Chicago Southwest Airlines #Michelle was the flight attendant

Posted by Alexis Armstrong on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

In a later Facebook post, Erin Gatling, Schilling’s partner, disputed the notion that either of her children had been running up and down the aisles:

Southwest Airlines will you please tell me why you kicked my family off a plane during our layover and canceled our next flight [because the kids]  were being a disturbance? They did not cry or scream at all during the flight…My biggest frustration is that no one will tell me what ‘being a disturbance’ means,” Gatling wrote. “We were in the aisle only one time. I got up to take my oldest to the restroom. We sat 3-5 rows from the rear, as always. We walked out of the restroom my husband let my 16 mo old walk to me.”

Things only got worse when the family got back to the airport: Schilling was arrested for allegedly bumping someone with a stroller. He has a court date later this year. In a statement issued to TIME, Southwest maintained that they were in the right before saying that they’re “disheartened by the way this situation unfolded.”

This isn’t the first time Southwest has come under fire for mistreating customers: the airline was wrapped up in a similar situation last year, when Anila Daulatzai – who was pregnant at the time – believed she was dragged off of a flight because she was Muslim. For their part, Southwest claims that Daulatzai was removed because attendants feared a dog allergy she’d mentioned to them earlier would prove life-threatening. There was also the time in 2017 when Southwest allegedly discriminated against a gay couple and their two children by denying them family boarding priority.