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Son’s Heartwarming Note to His Dad Takes a Hilarious Turn at the End

"You are a hard worker you can make the world a better place."


A young boy’s note of support for his old man has gone viral, thanks to a hilarious turn in the final line. Sure, the note begins nicely enough, with the kind of flowery sentiment that any father would be delighted to hear. “You are a hard worker,” it reads. “You can make the world a better place.” The praise is a bit vague (and arguably hyperbolic), but the earnest compliment is deeply sweet. And the note surely would have been cherished and maybe even tacked on the cubicle corkboard of this dear old hardworking dad. But there’s just one teensy problem: the kid’s true motivation.

“… If you work harder you can buy that game I want.”

And that ‘s how a heartwarming display of admiration from a son to his father suddenly becomes a not-so-clever ploy to get his dad to buy him a game. Reddit user The_Dream_Walker, who originally uploaded the note, explains that the kid was not just asking for any old game, he was asking for his dad to get him a Nintendo Switch. To this kid’s credit, flattery can be a great motivator. But, next time, he should probably be a little more subtle about revealing his motives.

A note that my little cousin left for his dad. from funny

Regardless of the execution, the note has become a hit on Reddit, receiving more than 21,000 upvotes in about 14 hours. Unfortunately, all the Reddit upvotes in the world won’t get this kid any closer to getting his very own Nintendo Switch. That may take another couple, and far less obvious, notes.