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The ‘Snyder Cut’ of ‘The Justice League’ Is Coming to HBO Max

Could this salvage the movie's reputation?

Zac Snyder’s cut of The Justice League has been discussed online since before the theatrical version hit theaters and now, we will finally get to see if the infamous version of the movie meets the hype, as the Snyder cut of The Justice League will be available on HBO Max in 2021. The news was announced by Snyder himself during a live Q&A following a virtual screening of Man of Steel. 

The Justice League was originally released in 2017 and was met with mixed reactions from critics and fans alike. While the movie earned more than $650 million worldwide, many felt that the movie was a letdown in comparison to the highly successful and acclaimed MCU.

However, die-hard DC fans have long speculated that Snyder’s official version of The Justice League would prove to be far superior to the version we saw in theaters. And it’s not just fans who have voiced their support of Snyder’s version of the film, as Jason Momoa and Gal Godot, who play Aquaman and Wonder Woman, respectively, have openly said that Snyder’s version of the film should be released to the public. There are rumors that the ‘Snyder-cut’ is over four hours but up to this point, it’s mostly been speculation.

Will the version we see meet the hype? Only time will tell but that’s hardly the only title HBO Max is offering subscribers. Beloved shows and movies, including Friends The Big Bang Theory, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, will be available when the streaming service launches next week.

HBO Max officially launches on May 27.