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Video: This Brilliantly Simple Snow Shoveling Hack Will Save Your Back

Winter is revving up, which means it’ll soon be time to bust out the snow clearing gear and hope you don’t slip a disc, strain a hammy, or harm your heart. Luckily Youtuber Lou Kanavaros is concerned about your well being and has the easiest, cheapest, back-savingest, and arguably most dad shoveling hack ever. Will you regret buying a snowblower? You betcha.

Kanavaros is peddling the “EASIEST, SAFEST WAY TO SHOVEL ANYTHING.” And spoiler alert— it’s just rope. Specifically, a rope attached from the shovel handle to the base that you can adjust for personal comfort. This allows you to pivot the snow away without ever having to “lift from your legs.” Is his hack Shark Tank material? No. But it’ll certainly save you some strain. Plus, the guy is so genuine that it just doesn’t matter.

Lou first graced YouTube with his expertise nearly 3 years ago, but his video resurfaces on Reddit every year because, well, people dig it. And even if you don’t have any use for his tip, the video’s casual content combined with the Greek shoveling god’s soothing accent is the best kind of slow TV there is. Your move, Napflix.