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King of the Snow Dads Builds an Igloo With a Fireplace

Every child's legit fantasy.

Building a snowman must seems rudimentary to Connecticut dad Chris Lequire, who recently whipped out his snowblower to pile up enough snow that he could carve out a spacious igloo for his kids. And this is not just any old igloo. This thing has a fully functional fireplace and mood lighting.

Building an igloo of this size requires a plan. Lequire had one. First, he drove his snowblower in circles long enough to create an enormous mound of snow. Then, after amassing enough powder, he gathered kids from the neighborhood and had them shovel snow from the inside of the mound and pack it on the outside. After a while, the outside got packed tight enough to support a roof despite the growing empty space on the inside. This strategy works like a charm and Lequire knows it. This is the fifth year he’s built the igloo in the town of Old Lyme. At the end of construction this year, the igloo was 10 feet fall and 12 feet wide.

For Lequire, who describes himself as a “big kid,” says thatbuilding the igloo is a good excuse to get kids outside and hanging out together when the weather takes a turn and they reach for the iPads. By the end of the snowy season, he hopes the town will get enough snow to grow the igloo into a castle. It’s hard to imagine the kids in Old Lyme wouldn’t be on board for that.