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Brilliant ‘SNL’ Sketch Shows Exactly What It’s Like for Parents on Christmas

It's the most stressful day of the year.

Saturday Night Live captured how terrible and stressful Christmas Day is for parents, but it’s also wonderful. Christmas Day is odd and magical in the way that a few fantastic moments can balance out all of the bad ones. Matt Damon, who hosted SNL on December 15, 2018 and cast member Cecily Strong played parents who just had one of these experiences aka “the best Christmas ever.”  

In the sketch, Christmas Day has come to a close. The kids have finally been put to bed. Damon and Strong are lounging on the couch with some wine and reflecting on how amazing Christmas was.

“Babe, I had a smile on my face the moment I woke up.” Damon’s character declared.

That was a complete lie. The camera cuts to the parents’ children violently jumping on the bed and screaming about waking up to open presents at 5:41 a.m. Does that sound familiar?

“Dana loves her playhouse.” Strong’s character says. “You weren’t up too late building it, were you?”

All moms and dads can no doubt relate to this next moment. It cuts to Damon using every expletive in his arsenal when the directions to the playhouse aren’t adding up. In a fit of rage, he kicks it to pieces.

Of course, Christmas doesn’t just end after the presents are open. These parents still have to host their extended family for the day. There are cranky parents, problematic relatives, sick kids and lots and lots of screaming. Strong’s character sneaks outside in the frigid weather just to smoke a cigarette and drink tons of wine to cope with it all.

When this nightmarish day seems to have no silver linings, Damon’s character remembers opening the present his kids gave him. He received some very fluffy monster slippers that they were so excited to give him.

That small moment outweighed all of the bad. The end of the SNL sketch gives Christmas a new tagline: “Even when it’s the worst, it’s the best.”